“The Mobile App Revolution – Mobile Apps are More Important than Websites”

A business needs exposure and websites are typically the go-to source for a rewarding marketing arrangement; however, as mobile interaction and developments amplify over time we are beginning to see a shift in this trend. A phone is not just for talking anymore. We rely on our phone to also tell us where to go, how to get there, what to do, and how to do it. Mobile phones can solve just about any problem for us, so the general population has naturally grown a dependency on its operations.

What many restaurateurs and other business owners have yet to realize is the value associated with owning a branded mobile app. Compared to websites, mobile apps foster a better overall customer experience. Not only are they immediately accessible at any time and any place without the necessity of an Internet connection, but they also allow for better customer-interaction through merging social networks, emails and a handy one-touch ‘contact us’ button located on the app’s homepage. Mobile apps provide business owners with a continued relationship with the customer after they leave their desktops. It is obvious that increased productivity and efficiency are gained through the implementation of  custom branded app for restaurants and other businesses.

Advanced mobile technologies are continually being implemented with existing technologies to make our lives easier. Mobile app adoption can only end up saving businesses more time and money in the long run. According to an infographic report by Intuit, one-third of small businesses say they’d face challenges without apps available. A good business knows that in order to draw in new and existing customers, one must stay on top of the latest customer trends – in this case, the mobile app craze.

A well-established app developer can supply business owners with the advice they need to get their new mobile strategy off to a great start. The first thing all businesses owners should ask before purchasing a mobile app is, how will someone enjoy your service better or differently in mobile? Adding valuable features to your application will be the factor motivating people to visit and re-visit your app. Before a business creates a custom branded mobile app, the most important thing to keep in mind is to initially create a compelling reason for users to download and use your app.

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